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Action & Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Drama


Michelle Fairley (Jones), Lars Mikkelsen (Dimitrije), Ashley Walters (Ryan), Adam Deacon (Pitt), Dominique Tipper (Mohawk), Alexandra Weaver (Danica), McKell David (Montana), Zlatko Buric (Slavko)

Release Date:

September 18, 2015 - In Theaters and on Premium VOD
November 10, 2015 - DVD


Revenge Has A New Name

Dimitrije (Lars Mikkelsen) is a Balkan ex-special forces soldier who has come to London hellbent on bloody vengeance for the murder of his family. In a chance encounter, Dimitrije saves Montana (McKell David) – a street smart kid – from a gangland execution, eliminating his would-be murderers with ruthless detachment. Bound together by a shared need for revenge, the boy is mentored by Dimitrije in the dark arts of assassination and in so doing, Montana learns the true meaning of friendship, honor and respect. It's soon clear that Montana is a natural. And he’s very, very angry. What do you get when you cross THE KARATE KID with THE PROFESSIONAL, but with lots more guns?  MONTANA!  Also starring Michelle Fairley (GAME OF THRONES), Ashley Walter, Adam Deacon and Dominique Tipper.

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